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Winning at the game of life!

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By Kimberly Bailey-Tureaud

We might find ourselves in a constant race. A race to win in this game called life. We were once told that life is a circle, meaning that no matter how fast we run, we might end up where we began. Around and around we go.

So, the finish line is really not relevant; it is only a stopping point from where we began. This entire concept, that I will beat you in this game or arrive before you, really doesn’t exist. Each of us has our own calling — and if you feel that someone is somewhere you are supposed to be, that might not be the case. That might not be your calling. The person you see as winning has tuned in to their own level of excellence, and the universe opened a door to opportunity. Your opportunity might be waiting in the balance for you to knock and take advantage of what our Lord and Savior has professed. Some of us take others’ divine calling as a reason to hate.

Too often, we resent the success of others because it forces us to examine the stagnation that has prevented us from being all we are meant to be. Dreams can be that wake-up call to act and pursue your successful journey. As a people, we pray every Sunday — perhaps every day — but we must carry our faith toward positive outcomes that give us peace. Peace to congratulate someone on an accomplishment and really mean it; peace to give someone your hand upon meeting them; peace to be there when called upon, and peace to give a person a great big smile when you see them. Then, like the circle of life, it can only go around and perpetuate itself for duplication. Positive duplication — that is the key to making our world a better place, and it needs to start with you.

When you are acknowledged in a positive way you will always remember it. What a great gift to give. Like a “Black Butterfly,” a positive memory for a lifetime is its own ultimate beauty, flying and sharing with the world. In a world that is a canvas for so many ills, we can all make life better by verbally celebrating one another. It has such power to steer once-negative paths toward positive blossoming. So I open my eyes while I pray, to make real the prayer of a great day, and see my obligation to carry it into the world. It gives me peace to remember that the circle of life rotates, and whatever goes around will always come around.

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