Saturday, July 20, 2024

Peace – Getting the most out of quiet time

The days move by faster than they used to.
Seldom do we look at clocks on the wall; the passage of time is meticulously documented by digital devices that demand our constant attention. Personal relationships are dictated by the drive to stay a step ahead of an economy in flux, requiring us to make split-second decisions in hopes of a faster ascent to the mountaintop. Worldly noise interrupts our lives, disturbs the peace.Worry — and its deliverers — deter us from reaching our goals.
The arrival of “hump day” tells us we are near the finish line after a long and demanding week. Footsteps are fast, and city streets are busy with thousands of people appearing to walk in rhythm. Daily smiles from our children serve as measurements of progress; but the pounding in our heads, generated by self-expectation, does not cease. When do we just say “stop”? When can we stand still, feeling only the movement of our chest as air enters our body and is then released? It is almost like being submerged in water; silence rests against our eardrum, as we enter a world that lies deep in our thoughts.
In these moments, it is time to see only the endless space behind your eyelids, interrupted only by the sudden flashes of light floating against your pupils. This is the time to become reacquainted with yourself. Not the you who has been defined by your environment; rather, the one your mother loved to tuck in each night. The one who embraced, unconditionally, and didn’t judge people, places or things. If not managed carefully, silence can also translate into noise — so spend this quiet time effectively. Use it as a refueling period that provides the energy to be a better person.
Close your eyes. Unclench your teeth and release your jaw. Drop your chin to your chest and stretch the back of your neck. Dangle your arms to the side and drop your shoulders. Open your clenched fists. Free your fingers. Rest your feet and relax your knees. Go inside yourself, and the quiet time is certain to bring you peace.

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