Sunday, July 14, 2024


This Father’s Day we celebrate the men who give fatherly love and support. My own father, Dr. Bob Bailey, is my gift from God who has never given anything less than unwavering love and peace.
Each Father’s Day I reminisce about growing up in Las Vegas and watching my strong dad embrace both his family and community. Demanding nothing less than excellence from himself, but sensitive to the needs of others, my dad was determined to make education a priority in our household. Still, he never neglected to nourish the emotional side of our upbringing, able to ease just about any pain with a long walk and talk.
Bearing witness to the positive love and respect he gives my mother, treating her like a queen on a throne, solidifies my commitment to black love. His intelligence, perseverance and determination to be free — even in the face of unequal justice — gives my brother and I the fearlessness to conquer the world. There is peace in knowing how, masterfully, he helped build our confidence while teaching us to walk in humility.
Daddy has met so many challenges in his life: sitting on the Equal Rights Commission during Nevada’s civil rights movement, being the first black man on television in Nevada, navigating the business world, and dealing with his personal health. Today, he stands strong with an unshakable love for God, his family and beloved community.
I salute my father, who has lifted me higher, while saluting other men who have done the same to uphold their responsibilities as men and foundations for positive community growth. It gives me peace to say “daddy” for as long as God blesses me to do so.

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