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Dr. Terry Akers has your back!

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Dr. Terry Akers

In practice as a Las Vegas chiropractor for 15 years, Dr. Terry Akers offers Las Vegas Black Image Magazine readers a series of tips to alleviate common aches and pains.

  • It is important to maintain good posture while at your place of work. It is vital to know how to properly position the body while sitting in a chair or serving a drink.

  • People who are in their later years should try to exercise before getting out of the bed. Some light stretches will help prepare your body for the day.

  • When you visit a chiropractor, the essential purpose is to adjust the spine so that it can work in better harmony with your nervous system — so that your body can be all that it can be, ensuring that you have 100% nerve potential flowing through the body.

  • A chiropractor can also readjust one’s ankles, and I have also developed a network of doctors who specialize in podiatry.

  • Back problems can be caused by muscle imbalances. Weak abdominal and lower back muscles, along with poor posture, can contribute to back problems.

  • The idea of using your knees when lifting heavy weight is not totally correct. The correct method to lifting is to use your legs, almost in a squatting motion. Try not to bend your back forward. While lifting heavy weight, keep your back upright when in the squatting position.

  • If you are a cocktail waitress, try stepping into a lunge position with your leg, and handing the drink to a customer rather than bending at the waist.

  • As you age, pain in the joints and back is more challenging. Look at baseball players: 15 minutes before a game, some younger kids are ready to play ball after coming out to the field and doing a stretch or two; veteran players come out to the field an hour-and-a-half early and they are stretching just so they can play a game. The older you get, the more stretching and the other things you will have to do, just to do the things you did 10 years ago.

  • If you want to prevent carpal tunnel in your hands and wrists, the best thing is to review whether you are sitting properly, with good posture, in your chair.

  • It is not good to hold your head to the side when talking on a telephone. Use an earpiece, and if you are at work, use a headset. You don’t want to tilt your head to one side.

  • Good posture is when the middle of your ear bisects the middle of your shoulder. The head should not be in a forward position, putting a lot of pressure on your neck and upper back. Bad posture can result in the bump on the back of your neck.

  • People should make sure they do back exercises, which strengthen the back muscles.

  • If you are experiencing tingling of your hands, this can be an emergency situation. Get to your primary health care physician immediately.

  • Excess weight puts stress on the joints and muscles in your back. You definitely want to live a healthy lifestyle. You want to be centered and in good alignment, with a positive attitude and a healthy diet that includes more fruits and vegetables.

For more information, call Dr. Terry Akers at 702-822-1212 or go online to

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