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BLACK TO LIFE – For A Healthier You

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By Dr. Annette Mayes

Hormone therapy might be for you

Dr. Annette Mayes

How often have you heard from a friend or your significant other; “Oh you are PMS-ing.”  Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) are symptoms associated with a female’s monthly period that might include physical, emotional, and behavioral changes. Or, for those women who might be in their late 40s or 50s and feelings are heightened that others perceive to be negative you might hear “Oh, you are menopausal.”  Well, the good news is your friends and or mate might not be a doctor to give you a true medical evaluation when you are experiencing uneasy feelings that affect your emotions, your sleep and or your weight.  You must take a YOU day and go see your gynecologist to get a professional examination and consultation.  Your feelings might be associated with a hormone imbalance. For females, hormones are the gasoline that keep us going. The necessary fuel is required for the rest of the body to function at premium rate.  The alarm does not need to ring at such an high pitch when you are educated on your hormones; and if you need hormonal therapy to ease the discomfort in your life.  I have put together a little list to assist you in knowing what hormone is associated to what physical reaction, but always seek advice from your OB-GYN to get a final confirmation to whatever you are physically and emotionally experiencing.

Estrogen:  Increased estrogen can cause weight gain.

Testosterone:  Decrease testosterone can cause low sex drive.

Melatonin:  Low levels of melatonin can cause depression and sleep disorder.

Ghrelin:  Lets you know you are hungry.

Lepton: Indicates that you are full after consuming a meal.

Thyroid:  Regulates calorie burn.

Aldosterone: Regulates sodium-to-water ratio. Too much can increase blood pressure.

Cortisol:  Provides body with energy when under pressure.  Too much while under extreme stress can cause abdominal fat.

For additional information, contact Dr. Annette Mayes M.D. at Las Vegas All Women’s Care, (702) 522-9640.


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