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MY TAKE: Paul Taylor

‘People like to come outside and … listen to the great sounds’

Paul Taylor on why jazz music is so appealing in the summertime.

Paul Taylor

I was recently asked, “Why is jazz music is so popular in the summertime?” I think it lends itself to the nice summertime weather. Nevertheless, people like to come outside and chill in the park or somewhere to listen to the great sounds of jazz.

Various cities have wonderful jazz festivals, and I enjoy playing at the annual Las Vegas City of Lights Festival and the September 2013 Las Vegas Jazz Festival. People enjoy coming together with great musical sounds that set a positive atmosphere. Whatever the reason, jazz just brings people outside. I remember releasing my first CD, called “On the Horn,” in 1995 — and my latest jazz album, which was released in 2011 called, “Prime Time”— and the music is still being embraced.

I am currently working hard on my new CD, which will be out in the first quarter of 2014. It is exciting to witness all of the cultural development going on in downtown Las Vegas, and I hear the historic Huntridge Theater will be renovated and opened as another great entertainment venue. The summertime is a great time for jazz and the artists.

Paul Taylor

Musical artists all stay very busy in the summer, performing for jazz enthusiasts. There are peaks and valleys in this industry and it is a blessing to have more peaks.

I have enjoyed performing at Lynn Briggs’ jazz series, and I hear that the Aliante casino and hotel will have poolside jazz going on this summer. About two years ago, I performed at the Clark County building in its amphitheater for its free jazz series. And I got a kick out of seeing the show several times on Channel 4. Jazz music is embraced by many, and especially identified in the African-American culture. As a saxophonist, when you can make the music that keeps heads moving and feet tapping, that is a gift from up above.

Many jazz festivals are combining jazz and R&B performances and I consider myself an artist that is in the contemporary jazz format that many are calling the new jazz.

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