Friday, July 19, 2024

Peace must be found

Has it been forgotten that we are all God’s children?

For many people of color, today’s headlines read like re-enactments of crimes against humanity that were supposed to be relics of a dark past. We cannot allow a revival of historical injustices, and must prevail against that which would divide us.

To build that unity we must silence our minds. Imagine the smile of a complete stranger wishing you a good day. Time is precious; setting back the clock to a time when people were denied equal rights to vote, work and live freely will result in a state of unrest. Peace must be found even when the rumble of injustice shakes the ground beneath our feet.

Love must be unleashed for peace to come through its door. We are mighty, able to take a divine journey on the path of righteousness. If we tread carefully on that path, peace will be found in the smiles of the next generation.

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