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The rebuilding process

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The rebuilding process


Micropigmentation specialist Dianna Booth

Local micropigmentation specialist Dianna Booth takes her profession very seriously. On the breast reconstruction team at Couture Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, she works under the direction of plastic surgeon Dr. Marvin Spann and dermatologist Dr. Candice Spann.

Mastectomy (removal of one or both breasts) is a common option for breast cancer patients, and the post-surgery reconstruction process can involve the tattooing of an areola (the ring of pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple).

Here are some important facts about this procedure, which is growing in popularity:

  • The tattooing of the areola is the last step in the breast reconstruction process.
  • The tattooing makes the breast look normal after a mastectomy.
  • The tattooing makes the breast look normal because it gives the nipple color.
  • The color of the areola around the nipple is selected according the complexion of the patient.
  • The plastic surgeon builds the nipple out of a skin graft from the patient.
  • The tattooing of the areola can be done on any skin complexion.
  • Most women opt for smaller breasts when receiving breast reconstruction.
  • The size of the tattoo is in accordance with size balance of the reconstructed breasts.
  • Size of the tattooed areola is also determined by what the patient is most comfortable with.
  • The nipple tattoo should not present any risk to the patient if a certified micropigmentation specialist performs the procedure.
  • The breast nipple tattooing is the last step of the breast reconstruction process and should be done only when the breast has healed — typically six to eight weeks after breast reconstruction surgery.
  • Radiation treatment that is given in some cases of breast cancer can compromise the skin of the patient.
  • Famed Hollywood star Angelina Jolie had her nipples salvaged, but the procedure is not readily available for everyone.
  • To salvage the nipple, it must be free of cancer cells. Women who receive tattooing around their nipple are very ecstatic because it is the last step toward a normal-looking breast.
  • There is an increase in younger women receiving mastectomies and breast reconstruction.
  • Undergoing a mastectomy does not guarantee you will completely avoid radiation and/or chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.
  • The nipple tattooing does not usually hurt because the nipple is still numb (partial feeling in the nipple might come back later) from the mastectomy procedure.
  • There are a limited number of micropigmentation specialists in Las Vegas.

For additional information, contact micropigmentation specialist Dianna Booth at 702-353-2685.

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