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‘Every student will be inspired to reach their zenith’

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With Las Vegas students returning to the classroom this month, we asked teachers in our community a very important question: “What is your biggest hope for students in the new school year?”



As a fifth-grade teacher for nine years, I pray and hope all of my students remember to stay open and inspired to learn from everything around them. My students usually see me as full of energy and laughter. This new school year, I hope to enhance the quality of learning I offer for each student. Students will not only walk away with spiritual awareness, but also be adept in enhancements of their learning. Textbooks are important; however, the student’s choices and responsibility in applying themselves academically is what I hope they will learn before leaving fifth grade. I try to lead by example in showing my students my interest and accomplishments. Every student will be inspired to reach their zenith. — Lela Anderson, International


Christian Academy It is my hope that cosmetologists-in-training will walk away with not only a license that will allow them to move forward in their craft, but with an understanding of the significance of entrepreneurship. The nation’s economic stability has been off balance for quite some time, and while there are efforts being made for improvement, it is crucial in order to gain success. This generation must understand the importance of creating several streams of income which will not only benefit them personally, but also for those in their community. Building a solid foundation based upon sound business principles — creative marketing, customer service, along with a passion and drive for the industry — will give them a competitive edge in the market. — Cynthia Brown, Expertise Cosmetology Institute


For this upcoming school year, I hope students understand that they are powerful beings who are ultimately in charge of their own success! It is the educator’s job to inspire creativity, instill confidence and activate students’ natural wonder and curiosity about the world that they live in. It is my hope that students return to school with a thirst for knowledge that leads them to think for themselves, make good decisions and to be better people than they were the day before. — Melanie Green, Magnet Theme Coordinator at Jim Bridger Middle School


My biggest hope — better, my greatest expectation—is that students, first and foremost, come with a willingness to gain knowledge of self. I know this goal gets lost behind the idea that school is about getting a job. I believe this is the greatest tragedy with learning today. Teaching first-year composition, I always convey this to my students: “Do not write to please me. Write to convey your ideas.” We must bring an expectation to the classroom toward these young fruitful minds as educators, student teachers, tutors, and most importantly, mentors. — Kirk Walker, UNLV

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