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BY JAMAAL McCOY The act of practicing endurance is a “never give up” commitment. Either in business or the action of self development — once you commit to something that brings about a positive result, you must stick to it. Circumstances may arise to challenge your commitment to endurance, but it is up to you […]

4 Debts Leaders Owe Their Followers

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BY DR. ROBERT E. FOWLER 1. Honesty. Based on extensive research on leadership over two decades, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner claim that “more than anything, we want leaders who are credible. People must be able to believe in their leaders.” And according to them (authors of “The Leadership Challenge”), credibility is the result of […]


On screens large or small, Terrence Howard always makes an enormous impact. A big part of his success: heeding the sage advice of respected elders. The smoldering persona that made actor Terrence Howard an international star first broke free in the 1995 drama “Dead Presidents.” Over the last two decades, his incomparable ability to bring […]