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VETTE’S VEGAS VOICE: Want a break from election drama? Try some political trivia

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Yvette Williams


Turning on your television these days guarantees exposure to election cycle drama. To shed real light on what should be serious discussions on issues important to American voters, here’s a little political trivia for you:

Total number of Americans eligible to vote: 218,959,000

Total number of Americans registered to vote: 146,311,000

Total number of Americans who voted in the 2012 Presidential election: 126,144,000

Percentage of Americans who voted in the 2012 Presidential election: 57.5%

Americans registered to vote turned out at 86% in the 2012 presidential election, although we could do better with only 67% of eligible voters registered to vote. Looking at this year’s election drama, it will be interesting to see the 2016 voter turnout data.

Percentage of registered Black voters strongly affiliated with Democratic Party: 53%, with 19% not strongly affiliated

Percentage of registered Black voters not registered to vote with either major parties but lean Democratic: 14%

Percentage of registered Black voters not registered to vote with either major parties but lean Republican: 3%

Percentage of registered Black voters strongly affiliated with Republican Party: 1%, and 2% not strongly affiliated

We are seeing huge growth in voters registering as “non-partisan” and not affiliating with any party. Gallup reports that during September 14-18, voters overall “self-identified” themselves as “independent” at 40%, outpacing both Democrats at 32% and Republicans at 27%. In Nevada, 21% of voters have registered as “non-partisan” — up 2 points in only nine months. It’s important to note that many uninformed and first-time voters register as “Independent American” — an officially recognized party in Nevada — mistaking it to mean “independent” and not affiliated with any party. These voters should have registered as “non-partisan” if in fact they do not want to be affiliated with any political party.

Annual spending power for African-Americans: $1.7 Trillion

Percentage of African-Americans who are homeowners: 49%

Number of businesses owned by African-Americans: 800,000

Revenue generated by African-American owned businesses: $71,200,000,000

Although African-Americans generate the highest revenue of any minority in the United States, data shows that these resources remain in African-American communities less than 24 hours, unlike all other ethnic communities where dollars are recycled in their communities as long as 30 days. There are many discussions on social media around opportunities to revitalize Black communities through recycling these dollars and building a neighborhood economy.

Nationally, Nevada ranks 31st in Black population at 11% (299,942). Mississippi ranks highest at 38%, although the highest Black population of 3,765,770 is found in New York State. Now, it’s that time to pull out my ballot and go early vote. Here’s a great tip for you: To end those pesky campaign phone calls, go and vote early. Your name will show up as “voted,” and you will be removed from most campaign call lists used to get voters to the polls.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau and Statistic Brain Research Institute

Yvette Williams is a community advocate and Chair/Founder of the Clark County Black Caucus, a non-partisan community organization driven 100% by volunteer members registered to vote. Follow her Blog at and on twitter @YvetteBWilliams or contact her at for more information.

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