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SUCCESS! For success in the New Year, just do it!

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Jamaal Mccoy, General Manager of Findlay Chevrolet

H appy New Year!

We made it through another journey around the sun. Many have made plans to be fulfilled for 2017, while others have made plans for the New Year that will not be realized.

Procrastination puts our lives and dreams on hold. Holding on to that safe place of the known is an act to consciously avoid the unknown. Well, I only know about one life to live — and if you don’t “do it,” the space for fruition of your dreams will be empty.

There is much to say about the preparation required to meet challenges and fulfill desires. But the measurement for your preparation process should have a timeline. A time when you are ready and set to move forward toward the life that you want. Excuses can be roadblocks that keep us from moving forward toward completion of our goals. Success in life will never be realized on any level if procrastination takes hold and stops you from getting things done.

That “it” can be defined by one’s own soul and desire. You might desire to lose weight, start your own business, buy a home, buy a new car, join a faith-based institution, spend additional time with family and friends, or just recommit to your love for humanity. So many things can give our lives meaning. Taking things one at a time is a must in positioning yourself for success. That one thing that you want to accomplish? It can be done with the proper preparation and determination.

Motivation cannot be taken for granted. It’s similar to gassing up your car: It won’t operate without the proper fuel. Commit to increasing those elements in your life that stimulate your will to propel. Looking toward the better side of life should be so routine that it becomes a habit. Positive energy will bring positive results.

The New Year will bring many challenges and opportunities, and we should plan and prepare for what we have yet to see. Just do it!

Jamaal McCoy is the general manager of Findlay Chevrolet

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