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Life Can Be “Tuff” And For Poor Folks Even More So

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Louie Overstreet

My assessment about life often being tough does not reflect on any religious belief, state of being, or based on health issues one may suffer; but rather the poor folks in the land of plenty being ignorant or in a state of denial as to what is the cause of their lot in life.

The prime reasons for poor folks’ lot in life are that they don’t vote in representative numbers and when they vote they vote against their interests. For instance, how could anyone possibly believe that Trump, who is appointing to his cabinet the richest folks in the history of America, is going to be concerned with poor folks? While I can have a strong suspicion as to why poor whites voted for him, it is a head-scratcher for me to try and understand why poor brown and black folks voted for The Donald. I must confess that for the life of me, I can’t understand how in 2016 any adult person living in America, regardless of color, fails to understand it’s all about the “Benjamins.”

Yet for generations, poor folks continue to aid and abet their circumstance to the extent. I believe it’s fair to say, it has to be considered a pre-existing condition of “indebted poorness.”

Also, not understanding history is what hurts poor folks to no end. I noted earlier about rich and in a number of cases very wealthy people who will be serving in Trump’s cabinet. If poor folks knew any history, then they would know that over a hundred years ago, Lucy Parsons stated, “Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth.”

Concluding with two points of privilege that I am taking:

1. I have tried not to burden myself with the issue of race, but some of our black preachers who supported Trump caused me to reflect on the fact, as Colonel Ben Davis noted in during WWII, when some of us were acting like fools rather than as patriots; “they may be my color, but they are not my kind!”

2. While recognizing despise is a very strong word, I must be honest with you and say any list of five types of people I despise. Two that would definitely be on the list are people who are ungrateful and those who don’t vote.

So poor folks, paraphrasing Sam Cooke, if you want a change to come, carry your sorry behinds to the polls and vote your interest, which believe me is not the same as rich folks…………

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