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Divisions In America Have ‘Growed’ Like Topsy

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BY LOUIE OVERSTREET I’m sorry I can’t offer you glad tidings of comfort and joy for the season. I am prevented from doing that by the grave problems facing America today — which are greater now than at any other time in the last 50 years. The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, better known as the Kerner Commission, was a panel appointed by President Johnson in […]

PEACE: Solace Within

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  Peace is such a desired emotion. It’s a moment to take a deep breath and relax within the sense of self. Ultimately, the self-reckoning brings tremendous peace, allowing you to come to terms with whatever life brings — and letting you know that something greater than yourself will bring you through challenging times. Many people search outside, looking for words of affirmation to […]

RIHANNA Secrets to Her Success

‘Marshall’ brings to life a seminal period in the life of an American icon.