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PEACE: History binds U.S.

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In a day where divisions are celebrated, we should look to our past for corrective inspiration. History can be a great equalizer — showing us how ideas that have stood the test of time can bring two halves of a heart together.

The heart of our nation is the diversity that all people bring to the American table. No need for fear or isolation; we stand on a rock of interconnectedness that dresses the universe with amazing appeal.

Loving peace is the gift we receive when people embrace the idea of absolute equality. Mighty wars that have been fought in our streets, but wars of the mind are being fought on battlefields embedded in fear and the unknown. The line of life spills in the veins of the living. Not everyone is conscious enough to recognize the gifts in their ocean of knowledge and insight — but for the Talented Tenth, it is our obligation to lead the willfully blind.

We will “stay woke,” as the call of history leads us into the future.

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