Sunday, July 21, 2024

Community Speaks

Once they are in office, what would you ask new political leaders to do for you?

Stacey Ryan Mangani
Reform gun laws, education, health care, taxes, and raise minimum wage for workers.


Simone Davis
Stop lying, cheating, and stealing. We want forward mobility — but your selfish deeds keep pushing us back. I miss the leaders who were truly fighting for the people instead of benefiting themselves.


Rowena Trim
Keep your promises even though it hurts.
Rise above the fray.


Lamonte Faison
Stop lying.


Kelvin Prewitt
Can you make it easier to become a mentor?


Isar King
I would ask them to refrain from being just like most political leaders. Keep your nose and family business clean, stay clear of anything that looks, smells or sounds messy. Use your own money for everything — even an ice cream cone. Don’t take any gifts from anyone. Even your mother might be suspect.


Gail Anderson
Clean up the community and maybe even create a cultural corridor like in Los Angeles. Such as what the Chinese have done with Chinatown, and the Hispanics with the outdoor swap meet. Something for black people.


Del Campbell
Should we make it easier to receive a high school diploma — like if you show up, you get a diploma? Oh! Wait a minute. We already have those kind of diplomas.


Brenda Banks
Transparency of funds allocated to the different neighborhoods. More meetings with community leaders regarding future endeavors to the neighborhoods. Create more businesses.


Anyika Kamal
Can they think about the people instead of themselves?

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