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HEALTHIER YOU: Heating up after the fireworks go out

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Fireworks are defining characteristic of the month of July — and I am not just talking about colorful explosions that light up the night sky.

Many women over the age of 35 experience a loss of sex drive, most commonly associated with menopause. The changing of hormones can cause spontaneous desire — or craving sex out of the blue — to plummet.

Before menopause, your libido peaked just before and after you ovulated. But when your periods stop, those revved-up days in your cycle vanish. Less estrogen also means less blood flow to the vagina and more dryness. So, when you do have sex, it hurts.

Also, at midlife many women are deep into a marriage, a job, raising teens, and caregiving. Any of these can amp up stress, and the tension puts sex drive in park. Avoiding sex because you’re not feeling it can, in turn, make you get along less well. Consider getting short-term couples counseling when your sex life or relationship in general hits a rough patch.

It might help your sexual drive to make plans for dates and lovemaking, even if you never had to do this before. Downplay the focus on sex and focus on just making time to be together with your partner, along with foreplay, massage, and oral can help create a healthy sex experience.

Women who are experiencing diminished sex drive because of menopause symptoms can try over-the-counter water or silicone-based lubricants to reduce vaginal friction. Also, ask your doctor about vaginal moisturizers or low-dose vaginal estrogen in a cream, suppository, or ring. Hormone therapy doesn’t seem to kindle desire for most women, but it can ease hot flashes, night sweats, and other symptoms that leave you feeling not-so-sexy. Regular sex can help promote blood flow and reduce vaginal dryness, too.

For additional information, contact the Las Vegas All Women’s Care Offices at (702)522-9640. Or visit us at 700 Shadow Lane No. 165 (1st floor) in Las Vegas.

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