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New Year, New You


New year. New ideas. New budgets. New strategies. New networks.

We made it, and we are grateful for moving forward as a people!

We are a people who have always stood strong together, no matter what the challenges we face that are systematically meant to divide us as a people.

Strength and love, without condition, for ourselves and for others, leads us forward through our journeys together.

It always has; it always will.

This year, 2019, leads with the theme of “returning home.”

Whatever that means to you, embrace it. You will thank yourself later.

What is my next step to launch me into my next dimension? Let go and start exactly where you are, right now, in this very moment. The great news is: everyone is at a different part of their life’s journey, so:

Stop comparing yourself to others. Be inspired by others, but don’t second-guess your own process because you run into someone who may seem more successful than you. Minimizing yourself and judging yourself does not help you move forward. Love yourself first. It is your job.

Congratulate yourself … for the many moments you have risen to the occasion of facing your deepest insecurities, stepping outside of your box, and trying something new. Yes, these choices are life-changing points. You’ve done it before, and you can do it again! Courage is your natural state of being. Don’t believe me. Take a moment and watch a child just be a child. Creative force does not hold back. To catch speed, just keep going.

Continue working on the ideas … in your heart without expectation of outcomes. When you share your ideas, you may receive criticism from your friends or family members, but realize now that not everyone will understand your vision. Just do it because you love it! I promise, sooner or later you will start to attract people who are inspired by your vision. Bottom line: anything is possible as long as you keep going with what is in your heart.

Reprogram that critical voice … inside your head that automatically interrupts change from within. How do I reprogram myself? I call it “talking to myself in opposites.” Whenever doubt or negative thoughts pop into my head, I purposefully reverse the negative thought with its opposite-that being the positive twist. The cool part of this practice is that the more I practice this, the more automatic the positive thoughts become.

Returning home in our minds transports us to the essence of personal growth. There is no time to waste! Think of all the individuals who have come before you, at this specific moment in time, that you admire and pull strength from. If those people would have doubted themselves paralyzed, they would not have made the moves they did, thus, you would have never been granted their gifts of inspiration. Now bring that forward — and know that if you hold yourself back with fear and doubt, many people are going to be robbed of the gifts of inspiration you have to pay forward.

Keep going for our future generations!

Allow that child from inside your core essence and invite them back into your everyday process, while unapologetically creating new realities for yourself in 2019.

You know who I’m talking about. That quiet voice inside your head, from way back when, who used to lead the direction of your day without fear.

That inner child who laughs uncontrollably for no reason, cries when they feel sad, and courageously speaks up for themselves without a doubt. I’m talking about that child inside of us who undoubtedly knows what makes us excited, interested, kind and ever-so-focused on our passions. Yes, invite that child back, and let go of all the rest.

As we move forward in 2019, let’s let go of the arguments, disagreements, dishonesty, and self-doubt. Let us bring back loving, without condition — not only for others, but first and foremost for ourselves. Because let’s face it: when we love ourselves and believe in ourselves and our brave with ourselves, we teach others the possibilities of moving forward together.

Speaking of moving forward together, let’s have an interactive column. Email me topics and/or questions that you are finding challenging in your personal life with regard to health — mind, body, soul — and let’s work on them together. Because you know what I know for sure? We are more similar than different, so if you are working through something, know we all are!

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