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Feelings of stress and anxiety can be overwhelming. Thinking about what happened yesterday or may happen tomorrow can remove us from the NOW. Staying in the moment can bring relief from life’s pressures. Take account of what is surrounding you at this very moment — what you see, feel, and touch. Staying in the RIGHT […]

PEACE: Peace in a Crazy Time

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When all around us is going left and off kilter — it is especially important, as Nipsey Hussle once said, to have all “ten toes on the ground.” Be unshakable in the midst of confused instability, because it’s really interesting how crazy follows crazy. Don’t be delusional about your individual steps towards right. Numbers don’t […]

PEACE: Someone is Taking MY STUFF

July 8, 2022 by  
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It’s a different time and space whereby others find discomfort in other’s stuff. Not their STUFF, but the stuff that belongs to someone else. This awakens the giant in all — when something is taken. The universe is built on strong foundations because of consistency. The constant that brings about absolution. One’s movement towards self-empowerment […]

Dear Mommy and Poppy

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By Sarah A. Williams I’m sorry you have to see me this way But a bad man killed a lot of us today He just walked into our school With nothing to say And started shooting everybody In a casual way I looked up and saw my teacher fall She knocked over the desk against […]

PEACE: Cleansing your soul to make room for the new

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It is important to be truthful about feelings, because they are often alarms. Your subconscious might be trying to tell you to wake up! There might be a disturbance within your surroundings that is preparing you for violations of trust, love, and security. Don’t be afraid to confront people or circumstances that threaten your peace. […]

PEACE: A Mother’s Love Is Peace

May 16, 2022 by  
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The feeling of ultimate love is the love from a mother. A mother whose embrace is unconditional, ordained by the universe. The breath a mother uses to speak life into any situation serves as the guide to travel. Wisdom is a mother’s embodiment that is expressed to serve as the ultimate reference point. The nourishment […]

PEACE: The power of one!

March 17, 2022 by  
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As we can see with the war in Ukraine, one person can cause massive human suffering. Contrary to this evil, we should be awakened to the power of love and doing right — because one person also has the power to do good if only conceived and believed. Power is in your God-given spirit to […]

PEACE: Persevere!

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The command of the Universe and that of our ancestors is one of perseverance. WE CAN NEVER GIVE UP! Our being is one that keeps going toward the path ordained for us by God. Sometimes we just get in our own way and interrupt the process required to achieve personal greatness. The breath of life […]

PEACE: Waiting brings peace

January 22, 2022 by  
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Our lives are so demanding and we’re always in a rush to meet expectations so that outcomes are what we’ve planned. Sometimes the plan is derailed, which brings discomfort and anxiety. But can we build our muscle for unconditional patience? Can we release the control we think we have on the Universe? Taking time to […]

PEACE: You Good?

December 12, 2021 by  
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We are in the season of giving, but we can’t forget about ourselves. Every now and then we should stop and say, “Hey YOU!” Be the voice that reminds yourself how wonderful you are and to wake up your intention to take care of yourself. It could be a silent walk, going to get your […]

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