Sunday, September 20, 2020


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There is no better time than now to JUST DO IT! We all have dreams of the life we wish to live — and each day you have to ask yourself, “Am I working toward my dreams or not?” Everyone’s dream is different, and it can be a physical or spiritual dream that embodies the […]

PEACE: Finding Peace where there is none

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We are constantly looking to stay healthy and away from the deadly coronavirus. It’s the new norm in our daily existence: an uneasiness about life as we now know it and how to adapt. Our peace has been shaken and is sometimes hard to find. Especially for many who have pre-existing health conditions such as: […]

PEACE: Standing on strong shoulders

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As you look into the mirror and see the person you are — and all that you have overcome to bring you to the space you’re in right now — remember one thing: you are a legacy of someone else’s sacrifice. The tides may change and time moves on, but it is important to remember that someone was here before you. Someone took […]

PEACE: Peace in the movement

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We all experience anxiety and tension. Many times it is because our “overthinking” is moving faster than our physical body. There is an old saying: “If you can’t do anything about a situation right at that moment—then it’s best to throw it out of your mind.” It is not good to have negative thoughts disrupt your mind, body and soul. There is a […]

PEACE: Go toward the light

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Light is a metaphor for many things in life. Some liken its warmth to the warmth of love. It can represent positivity that brings about the good things and the light from one’s smile. But, unfortunately, darkness still finds us — either by way of circumstance, or cloaked in disguises that usher negativity into our […]

PEACE: Unmoved by disloyalty

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Each day is a blessing. The beginning of spring reminds us of all the wonders of the world. Nature shows that not one thing is identical and all has a unique color, design or growth to it.  However, certain things occur in life that cause us to ask, “Where is the loyalty?” Your response to […]

PEACE: I’m Good

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Life brings good times and bad ones. The phrase “I’m good” is an affirmation that we tell ourselves and others when anything tries to knock us off the path to infinite peace. The ultimate defense in this crazy world is the silent voice within that says, “I’m good.” We have to be there for ourselves to reduce the turmoil in our hearts and […]

PEACE: Resilience in silence

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There are moments when we have to turn inward in order to find the solace needed to see our way through life events. Life will try to swallow you up with noise, but the silence within can really be your protector — and it can create the resilience you need to overcome challenges of the […]

PEACE: Boom! It’s a New Year

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  The excitement is in the air each time a new year is upon us. But there is also lingering anxiety about the unknown. We may try to plan out our year, days and hours — but no one really knows what each day will bring. We have faith that our days will be bright and that it will be good. The […]

PEACE: Living life with purpose

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  The phrase “we grow” is often said without intention. It is almost as if life is revolving around you, instead of you evolving around life and circumstance. So many things that occur in the world around you result in turning off senses in order to stay focused — or to just survive. We awaken when the expectations of our desires are manifested. The […]