Monday, April 23, 2018

PEACE: Dear Fathers …

Fathers are so important — those men who take us further with education, exposure, support, protection and many other wonderful attributes that earn the title of “daddy.” The celebration of Father’s Day is for those daddies who offer that wonderful shoulder to lie your head on, and who offer encouraging words that keep you focused […]

PEACE: Know Your Worth

Life takes on us many trips. And some of those journeys put obstacles in our path that can leave us insecure and questioning our worth — even when we’re excelling. Be mindful of those challenges. It may take creativity to get past them — but most things work out for the best, even if we […]

PEACE: Much Too Much

We sometimes find ourselves in a whirlwind created by the hustle, bustle, and demands of everyday life — trying desperately to please others while putting our own needs on hold. Spring reminds us that flowers bloom with life thanks to nourishment from the sun, water and soil. As the beauty attracts our eyes, it reminds […]


Emotions are absolute. They wash over us unexpectedly, triggering our brains to feel a certain way about experiences or encounters in our lives. But there is one emotion — joy — that we most desire. Joy is the result of experiencing something value highly. The positive value you place on love, family, friends, God and […]

PEACE: The Awakening

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#WeAreAllImmigrants Our nation’s peace has been rocked. Many are feeling fear, anger, and sadness now that our new President has banned travelers from several Muslim-majority countries. The very fabric of our nation is being torn apart by discrimination based on race and religion. We must hold on to our peace while exercising our Constitutional right […]

PEACE: Live in Moments…

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Live in Moments… We are so quick to have questions, judge a situation or look for the next best moment. We should STOP. There is value in the moment you are experiencing right now. Life moments should never be taken for granted with friends, family or just your quiet time alone. Everything needs uninterrupted time […]

PEACE: The Awakening

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The Awakening Life will always take us on willing and unwilling journeys. Those experiences either make us stronger or challenge us to the point of submission. If you are a believer, then you know there are no mistakes . We have to play the hand that is dealt, and proceed toward the open door of […]


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Peace for our Future As we await the outcome of the presidential election, the back-and-forth of the campaign has stirred deep, core emotions about who will be selected to move our country forward in a positive direction. No matter who wins, we must continue doing everything in our power to help our sons and daughters […]


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Persevere to Win Autumn is here — and if you notice the leaves changing color, and temperatures getting cooler, then you are seeing positive transformation. The universe has a way of telling us that change is good, and that natural transitions in life are anything but accidental. When the rain falls from the clouds, or […]


Self-love is one of the most important qualities to possess. There will always be moments when people try to define you — but you must treasure, and hold on to, the individuality that makes you unique. No one has done you, but you. To make themselves feel more powerful, people might try to ridicule who […]