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50 Shades Of Black: A Fictitious Exotic Journey For “The Best Part”

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Meet Zena and Maximus One man, one woman, one destiny. Before they meet, take a journey into their inner dialogue. ZENA If one more person asks me how to spell my name, I am going to go off. Maybe he didn’t hear me. I don’t know why I always sit by people who want to have a conversation […]

My America!

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My America! BY ERIC TROY, M.A. On July 4, we celebrated our country’s 242 years of independence from the British Empire and adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress. There were parades, fireworks, cookouts, concerts and the all-American pastime of baseball. But one of the most important activities is honoring family. However you define family, we should follow the impulse to pay homage to those who paved […]

You Ain’t Got Squat Coming If You Don’t Vote

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BY LOUIE OVERSTREET For 37 years, dating back to my days in Alaska, I have written about the importance of voting. Thus, I am ashamed to admit how many times I have heard the excuse that “My vote doesn’t count” — mostly from people who look like me. First, I used to tell these non-voting knuckleheads that a Civil War was fought to free us from bondage […]

PEACE: Your Best Self

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  Many of us are our own worst critics. We examine ourselves from the reflection of expectations that surround us. Judging personal excellence against an imaginary status quo is a false measurement that cannot fulfill your eternal soul — the soul that breaks through the barriers of restraint for our own truth to be revealed. The courageous soul is one that possesses the self-confidence […]

Five Tips to Set Yourself Apart During the Job Hunt

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Five Tips to Set Yourself Apart During the Job Hunt BY HOLLY CAPLAN Statistics showed that in 2017, 34.6% of women graduated with a four-year degree compared to. 33.7% of men. This gap has been narrowing for years, and women finally surpassed men for the first time in 2014. More women are making their mark and creating their trajectory for their futures. […]

If You’re A Senior Like Me, Then It’s No On 3!

BY LOUIE OVERSTREET My opposition is based on two factors: 1) It doesn’t rise to the level of amending the Nevada Constitution; and 2) it will very likely cause rate increases. The latter is the last thing we need in Nevada, given the cost to cool homes and businesses in the summer. Ballot Question 3, if approved, would dismantle Nevada’s existing electricity system — one of the most […]

PEACE: Stay the Course

  The experiences and encounters in our personal lives are a sign that the road we travel is ever-changing. The evolution of the universe exposes the truth we must face: the real and sometimes unpleasant reality that our lives will always change, and the only safe route is to stay the course. Routines give us peace. The routine of knowing that unconditional love […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! BY ERIC TROY We often hear the saying that you look, sound, walk, and even act like your father. You see, DNA — deoxyribonucleic acid — contains the code that every organism needs to develop, live, and reproduce. In the spiritual sense, Jesus had his father’s DNA; that provided him with a foundation for how to live his life and die an untimely […]

This Time, It Would Be Shame On Us

BY LOUIE OVERSTREET I last shared parts of this column back in October 2016. As things turned out, they fooled us — and it was shame on them. If it happens again in November 2018, it will be shame on us. We have got to plan our work — and work our plan — of five things to do. Preamble: The plan has a fundamental […]

PEACE: Be the individual you want your culture to be!

  We have all experienced it: those times when you had hoped for a better reaction from yourself or others who represent your culture. And there are times when your culture is positively represented, making you proud of people who exhibit extraordinary character — a character embodied in compassion, intelligence, empathy, strength, and selflessness. The embrace of others is the love you give yourself. The […]