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Why She Soars

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Dr. Ellen W. Brown reflects on the achievements of Dr. Paulette C. Walker, 25th National President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She reads, sews, is mom to two sons, and grandma to 12. She serves on the Trustee Board of Mount Olive AME Church in Tampa, Florida, and her list of community and professional […]

HEALTHIER YOU: Girl Health Power!

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You are your own peace

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Others’ lack of confidence will lead them to bring you down when your greatness is realized. It can be associates, friends and even family members who will try to negatively affect you because your iconic greatness is uncovered. Yes: the biggest threat is when you come to know and control your own magnificence. Your realization […]

Making a way for the Queen of Soul

BY CAPUCINE HOLMES Detroit’s Music Weekend was monumental this year: the Queen of Soul had a hometown street named in her honor, as crowds flocked to be among the first to walk Aretha Franklin Way — and enjoy a complimentary, 100-minute concert by the woman herself. The spectacular show on the Madison Central Stage included […]

HEALTHIER YOU: What to expect when it’s time to push ‘pause’

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Engaging Our Community Through Education

BY EVA MARTIN It has been such an honor to serve as a McDonald’s owner-operator for many years. And one of the greatest privileges is working with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas, and awarding scholarships to our young people. In 2017, the scholarship program awarded $250 to over 900 graduating seniors […]

PEACE: Rise, with your higher self

Your higher self will bring peace in expectations. When we are challenged with negative situations, we are often numb to the fact that the episode is really calling our higher self to rise. Sometimes the motion to stand with your head held high is delayed by insecurity in action. Outside forces can activate your deepest […]

PEACE: Dear Fathers …

Fathers are so important — those men who take us further with education, exposure, support, protection and many other wonderful attributes that earn the title of “daddy.” The celebration of Father’s Day is for those daddies who offer that wonderful shoulder to lie your head on, and who offer encouraging words that keep you focused […]

HEALTHIER YOU: On the (Belly) Button

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PEACE: Know Your Worth

Life takes on us many trips. And some of those journeys put obstacles in our path that can leave us insecure and questioning our worth — even when we’re excelling. Be mindful of those challenges. It may take creativity to get past them — but most things work out for the best, even if we […]