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For reparations, revolutionary change will require revolutionary thinking

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By Darryl L. Fortson, M.D.  Revolutionary change requires revolutionary thinking. And make no mistake — obtaining reparations for slavery in the United States would be true revolutionary change.  Blacks in America have struggled mightily to effect this revolutionary change for the descendants of slaves — by repeatedly petitioning the United States government, to no avail, […]

HISTORIC BLACK VEGAS: Black political involvement has deep roots in Nevada

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Let’s get something straight: Nevada may be the Mississippi of the West, but so are Arizona, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, and any state in any part of the country. Illinois is the Mississippi of the Midwest and so are all of the other Midwestern states. New York is the Mississippi of the Northeast and […]

PEACE: Disruption of the smooth flow

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Are you a disruptor? Not in a negative way, but in refusing to allow mediocrity to dictate movement in your progressive, independent life. “Free at last” is not just a physical state, but something that stems from the soul. The trust we possess in our own insight and perspective is essential — and we have […]


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One hot read This July edition of Las Vegas Black Image mirrors what most of you are feeling right now in our city: the summer heat!  Our cover is graced by the inimitable Sharon Braddy-McKoy, who is retiring after 25 high-impact years at Southwest Gas Corporation — where she made history as the first black […]


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‘It’s about inclusion, not exclusion’ Sharon Braddy-McKoy made history as the first Black woman to serve in a director capacity at Southwest Gas Corporation. She has been Vice President of Human Resources since 2012 and was promoted to Senior Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer in 2022, — responsible for company-wide oversight and strategic direction for […]