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Partner up for your next appointment

Very often, my female patients come alone to the offices of Las Vegas All Women’s Care. This is not surprising; historically, women make their regular OB/GYN appointments without their husbands or significant others, who may not even receive a report on what was discussed or discovered during the visit.

Neon Museum pays tribute to the Moulin Rouge

Earl Turner celebrates June’s Black Music Month

On the occasion of Black Music Month, Las Vegas Black Image Magazine turned to Earl Turner for his take on the drumbeat that can never be silenced.
He will appear June 15 and 16 at the Suncoast for a show entitled “Earl Turner and Friends Unplugged.”

A father’s love

Like a shield held high by a superhero, a father’s devotion can sustain and protect us through the inevitable turbulence of life.

ICON-in-Class: Lasting friendship is a gift worth the effort

In a candid exchange, two friends examine the nature of the ties that bind them

Las Vegas fast and furious

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For a pair of highly successful businessmen, exotic car ownership is an indulgence too exciting to pass up.

Putting Fatherhood on HOLD!

Las Vegas has one of the nation’s highest rates of unwanted teen pregnancy, with African-American and Latino youth too often chief among those left on the margins by early parenthood. However, some young men of color are making a conscious decision to delay fatherhood, so they can freely pursue their dreams before even considering the prospect of starting families. Two of them, both 17-year-olds playing in Coach Gene Tate’s Junior Giants baseball organization, recently explained to Las Vegas Black Image why they are taking such a proactive stance.

‘My hero, and my heartbeat’

To celebrate Father’s Day, sons and daughters reflect on what makes dads so special

In The Community…with Charles Tureaud: Summer is here!

Photos around the community, Summer is here!

Putting their education first

When Roy Hammond played for the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors, he faced some of the world’s toughest competition on the court.
It is hard not to believe that the mental toughness needed to succeed at that level helped prepare him for the most significant challenge of his life: single fatherhood.

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