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You Can Change a Child’s Story

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BY KEITH E. WINGATE Four years ago, my life was transformed when I was sworn in as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer for the Eighth Judicial District Court here in Las Vegas — to advocate for an abused, neglected or abandoned child.  As a CASA volunteer, I am responsible for making recommendations to […]

Getting Black Doctors and Politicians Together

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BY DARRYL L. FORTSON, M.D.  Getting Black doctors and health professionals together can sometimes be like herding cats, with busy schedules, attendant Black stress, and individual agendas being what they are.  As for politics, it has always been a wild affair — but it has now gone from wild like a tipsy co-worker at the […]


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Welcome to Black History Month BY CRAIG KNIGHT Greetings Las Vegas community, worldwide listeners, and supporters!  This is the first edition of my new column for Las Vegas Black Image Magazine — and first and foremost, shout out to Kimberly Bailey-Tureaud for the idea to give me a monthly space to share my thoughts, opinions, […]

YOU! HAVE THE POWER | Finding the Root of your New Year’s Resolutions

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BY DR. ELLEN BROWN The Root, a publication known for its intense and unapologetic focus on Black culture. has set the stage for what are expected to be hot topics in 2024. Launched in 2008 by Henry Louis Gates (“Finding Your Roots’) and Donald E. Graham, The Root continues making waves with commitment to Black […]

HEALTHIER YOU: Pregnant? Stay safe from infections 

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BY DR. MARGUERITE BRATHWAITE OB-GYN February is the month for love, and I hope everyone is practicing healthy habits to stay free from potential infections. Women who are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant must stay in a mindset of protection from potential infections.  Some infections, before and during pregnancy, can hurt both you and […]

African Americans lagging behind national averages in homeownership

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By Kimberly Smith The year 2022 witnessed a concerning trend as housing rates plummeted to unprecedented lows for the African-American community. The confluence of escalating interest rates and surging home prices posed significant challenges for African-American homebuyers, who often earn considerably less than their white counterparts. This exacerbation was further compounded by the escalating costs […]

PEACE: Your Yesterday is Black History

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BY KIMBERLY BAILEY-TUREAUD We all admire and honor those who have come before us. They deserve honor for the sacrifice and achievements that allow us to live in freedom and enjoy opportunities.  But as we look into our own mirrors, let’s think about what kind of legacy and impact we are leaving.  Give thanks as […]

Remembering My Words, I Wonder: You Still Mad?

BY LOUIE OVERSTREET I began writing a monthly column for Black Image back in 2014. And in that time, I have managed to make a lot of readers mad at me. As such, I thought it would be fun to revisit the scene of the crimes — what I consider to be my most controversial […]

LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHERS: Black History is Your History

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We celebrate Black history all year — but February always brings new clarity to the importance of telling the truth about the Black experience and recognizing the extraordinary achievements of African-Americans.  This issue of Las Vegas Black Image celebrates you and all of the good-good that you bring to the community. And inside, it is […]

HISTORIC BLACK VEGAS: Love’s Cocktail Lounge, and a legacy of excellence on the Historic Westside

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BY CLAYTEE D. WHITE Today (January 15, 2024), I opened a copy of the Las Vegas Sentinel dated January 14, 1982. This was the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. issue, and on the front page was a Stevie Wonder quote, “I and a growing number of people believe that it is time for our country […]

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