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Healthy Sizzlin’ Summer Short Ribs

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If you’re looking to spice up that old short rib recipe while keepin’ it healthy, then I’ve got the remedy! This recipe is a sure crowd-pleaser and just plain finger lickin’ good!

Celebrating Fathers

The celebration of Father’s Day is a time to reflect on the love, protection and wisdom that these special men — who have been with us our entire lives — have given for the sole purpose of ensuring that we can go further. Their seeds of care have blossomed within us, nourished by the warmth of an exclusive bond.

Entertainer gives exclusive on music, acting and fatherhood

Las Vegas is known globally as the entertainment capital of the world, with lights so bright they can be seen from outer space. One of the brightest of those lights is the superstar R&B singer and actor Ne-Yo, a homegrown talent who proudly credits his Las Vegas upbringing with his status as one of today’s most sought-after artists. Fresh off his well-reviewed role in the historical drama “Red Tails,” and with a new album due out soon, he sat down with with Las Vegas Black Image Magazine to open up about the realities of the entertainment business, growing up in Las Vegas and the joys of fatherhood.

At Green Valley High School, a golden ‘Nugget’ of excellence

I am pleased to serve as this month’s guest student journalist, given the honor of writing about someone at my school who has earned a lot of respect and admiration. His name is Durrell “Nugget” McDonald, who many students look upon as a great guy. He excels as our school’s track and field star, varsity basketball player and honor student. In all things, McDonald is defying the odds and reaching only for excellence.

What fathers need to know when mom is expecting

It is a very surreal experience to learn that you are expecting a baby. If it is a first child, there is a hunger for information — especially conversations with others who have worn the shoes you’re about to fill — that can prepare you for the unexpected.

Inside a visionary new partnership

Dr. Kenneth C. Westfield recently announced that his 31-year-old Las Vegas ophthalmology practice has completed a merger that makes it the largest eye care center in the state. In an interview with Black Image, Westfield discussed how the partnership came to be, his new charitable foundation and reveals the No. 1 reason he enjoys the profession.

Basketball talk at Hair Unlimited Barbershop

With the playoffs now capping off another exciting NBA season, Black Image visited Hair Unlimited, a popular Las Vegas barbershop, to collect some candid observations on the state of professional basketball. The conversations took place before the conference finalists were determined — but no matter the outcome, the back-and-forth was always lively.

WISE WORDS Words of wisdom from the men at the Doolittle Senior Center

In celebration of Father’s Day, Las Vegas Black Image Magazine visited the Doolittle Senior Center to ask community elders for answers to some of the most pressing questions facing young black men today.

In fatherhood, successful twins perform double duty

Dan and Dana Napier enjoyed their college experiences, but they were also drawn to the bright lights of the city and its signature industry. Upon graduation, they both decided to remain in Las Vegas and work in gaming. During a period of two decades, they worked their way up to high-ranking executive positions at two of the major casino properties — MGM Grand and Caesars Palace — on the Las Vegas Strip.