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Outside the kitchen window was a large avocado tree with a swing attached that my grandfather built for all the grandchildren. One of the most amazing dishes that came from his kitchen was fried chicken — seasoned to perfection, crispy, and served with homemade potatoes cut into wedges and fried with the skin on. He […]

Fourth of July weekend concerts

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Five steps to living the life of your dreams

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by DR. LINDA PENTON-DOUGAN Focusing on the news — with reports of economic turmoil, unemployment, war, violent crime and disease — can make the world appear to be a very scary place. You may be personally experiencing some unexpected fallout from these conditions. But there are people living the lives of their dreams. That doesn’t […]

A view through the WATER glass

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When is a glass of water more than a glass of water?  When it is provided at a restaurant and never consumed. Believe it or not, one glass of drinking water can take up to three gallons of water to produce. How, you ask? One glass of water includes the water in the glass, the […]

New Urban League looks to take Las Vegas to the next level

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As our communities brace against the rippling effects of a faltering economy, agencies such as the Urban League have received federal stimulus dollars to help combat a growing number of fiscal woes. Established in 2004, the Urban League of Las Vegas (recently rebranded from its original name, the Las Vegas Clark County Urban League) has […]

Winning at the game of life!

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By Kimberly Bailey-Tureaud We might find ourselves in a constant race. A race to win in this game called life. We were once told that life is a circle, meaning that no matter how fast we run, we might end up where we began. Around and around we go. So, the finish line is really […]

Changing the look of inner-city education

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    No longer is our community overrun with just liquor stores and smoke shops. On corners that were once barren or misused, a new breed of learning institution is leading a quiet but steady revolution in inner-city education. One school making tremendous strides is the Imagine 100 Academy of Excellence, located at 2341 Comstock […]

Tourists on the STRIP

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