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Page of Fame

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It is with heartfelt gratitude that LAS VEGAS BLACK IMAGE MAGAZINE gives its deepest thanks to those whose names are found on this page. Their generosity and foresight keep this publication thriving, as Las Vegas’ only African-American owned magazine and a positive voice for the community. We celebrate you!

Peaceful Reflections

It should bring peace to reflect on your life and where you see it going. Like anything in motion, it needs an energy source. Cars cannot move without engines, and trees won’t bend without the force of wind. Sometimes our personal energy runs empty, and the force needed to turn dreams into reality comes out […]

Music under her skin

A Las Vegas doctor pursues dreams of singing stardom. BY KIMBERLY BAILEY-TUREAUD Las Vegas is the world’s entertainment capital, with top-notch performers from all over the globe regularly converging on the city to entertain crowds of thousands. That sometimes obscures the fact that many talented local residents are embarking on their own journeys to stardom. […]

Black To Life… For A Healthier You

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Many expectant mothers may not be aware that healthy eating and lifestyle habits can help ensure the longer-term health of an unborn child — and in some cases, even prevent childhood obesity.

FOOD FOR THE SOUL: Spicy Sautéed Red Pepper Green Beans

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Watermelon Salad

‘Calling a new play’

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Now a Las Vegas faith leader, NFL legend Randall Cunningham reaches a milestone in his most personal and most meaningful calling yet. BY KIMBERLY BAILEY-TUREAUD Las Vegas may be known around the world as Sin City, but it has a very vibrant faith community. For many, the glistening lights are the perfect backdrop for spiritual nourishment […]

‘I know my gifts and I play to them’

‘More people need to get involved’

When dealing with police, is it justice or ‘just us’?

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BY LOUIE OVERSTREET The use of deadly force by “peace officers” remains a racially divisive and seemingly intractable problem across the United States. Year in and year out, individuals and advocacy groups sound the alarm on the startling number of Americans who die each year at the hands of law enforcement. To put it in perspective: […]

Bill Cosby

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‘We have to get back to speaking strongly’

What makes a leader?

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People often ask, “What makes a leader?”My usual response: “Leadership starts with attitude.”

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