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Summer Island Fusion Jerk Shrimp

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Incredible Chef Productions recently visited Aunt Chilada’s Mexican restaurant at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix — only to discover the best darn chips and salsa on this side of the border!

Urban Livin Make Your Home Your Haven

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Who does ABC call when it wants an audience to decorate like “Desperate Housewives? How about when CBS desires to gives its viewers decorating tips on a budget, or Walmart needs to give millions of shoppers a look at the ultimate dorm room?

Presidents setting up at Nevada State College

It was almost 10 years ago that Nevada State College opened its doors to those seeking higher education. A decade later, the student body is making history again, with the election of two African-American males — student body president Deuvall Dorsey and vice president Bentley McDonald — to provide leadership on the Henderson campus.

The Jacksons Bring Unity to Las Vegas

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For the millions who grew up with the music of The Jackson 5, it is no difficult task to recite — sing-song style, without pause — its members’ names: “Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Michael.”

For 12K and Beyond, Back to School Tips for Parents

Dawn Davidson-King, M.Ed., is a special education teacher at Canarelli Middle School and a faculty member of the University of Phoenix. She may be contacted at

Q: Was It worth it? A: War is War. Playwright reflects on ‘The Willow Building’

I have been writing ever since I was young boy growing up in Chicago. As a young man, I wrote a play called “The Willow Building,” adapted from my real-life conversations with veterans who lived in an actual Chicago building after their military service was complete. I was captivated by the wartime experiences of these men, who spoke so freely while coping with post-war trauma.

Purple Reigns in the Community

A steady buzz is building among theater lovers, as the West Las Vegas Library Theatre prepares for a staging of the smash Broadway musical “The Color Purple,” August 23-26.

Peace Kimberly Bailey-Tureaud

As you look into the mirror each day, the reflection you see is clear to some and unclear to others.

BLACK TO LIFE – For A Healthier You: Love heals

By Dr. Annette Mayes As she heads back to school, how to have ‘the conversation’ The new school year is upon us, and with it comes a multitude of things to consider while preparing our daughters to return to junior high, high school or college. Nevada ranks among the states with the highest rates of […]

Embracing the Family’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Fully embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of her heritage, Las Vegas native Leslee Wilburn has established ILan Massage Studio, the city’s first family-oriented massage practice. The young single mother of two recently shared insights about the meaning of her family legacy, and lessons learned in starting her own unique business.

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