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Words To Live By

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The Rev. Jesse D. Scott ~ May 3, 1920–May 10, 2010

Rev Jesse ScottA man of deep faith who pursued justice with tenacity and wisdom, the Rev. Jesse D. Scott observed the history of Las Vegas from one of the most influential perches of leadership in the African-American community: the black church.

In a lifetime spent as a community leader and champion for justice, Scott’s work exemplified a commitment to the core values of family, hard work and perseverance that were central to his ministry.

To all who knew and were influenced by him, this compassionate and courageous man was celebrated for understanding not only the specific needs of his own community, but also the larger needs of all mankind. His mission was so important, that it is not enough to simply hold fast to our memories of this towering figure, whose passing is a sobering reminder of how many of our true giants are fading away; it is just as vital that we strive to maintain and protect his legacy.

As we look to a new generation of leaders to grab the baton and advance the causes he spent his life fighting for, Black Image offers Scott’s wisdom in his own words — taken from his last known interview, when he sat down to share with us his unique perspective on life.

“Let people know that man was made to be in communication with man and communion with man.”

“These are signs of our times — when people are frightened to have interaction or establish a relationship with someone they don’t know. Be willing to go into a conversation with someone you don’t know.”

“Nowadays, I hear about this young man named Obama, and his mother had to go on food stamps. Now, he is the president of the United States.”

“Our mission is to make humanity out of people and introduce them to the saving face of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.”

“The essential theme of God’s creation is love.”

“Love isn’t something you say — it’s something that you do.”

“I went to Southern University in 1941 and graduated in 1945. I was so elated that someone saw potential in me.”

“I made up my mind that I would get an education — no matter what it cost me.”

“I wanted to let the young people know that no matter what the struggle is now, it wasn’t as bad as having no place to stay and no food to eat.”

“In four years on the parole board in Las Vegas, I saw children — and mostly I saw that they were in trouble and did not finish high school.”

“When the man goes in to take that test for a job that pays $20 an hour, but can only qualify for $6, he is really devastated.”

“I do anything I can to help encourage people, because people encouraged me.”

“I’d be lying if I said I pulled myself up by my own boot straps. I had no boots or straps. People helped me, gave me money and gave me food.”


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