Saturday, June 22, 2024


Rejuvenate the Spirit…VACATION

Kimberly Bailey-Tureaud Peace

For many, it is now the time to take a vacation.

Some may not be able to go away this year, and the down economy has forced others to take extended “vacations.” Whatever the case, it is a chance to relax and reflect on our path in life, to examine whether the roads traveled are truly where we want to be.

I believe God smiles when we nestle into a special place of rest, when all our attention is focused on the ones we love. We must clear out space to rekindle and rejuvenate the spirit — take time to explore different people, environments and ways of life.

These restorative movements result in a beautiful you, one in possession of a higher calling to achieve your passion and excel in your surroundings. Comfortable in your own skin, in sync with the universe, making time to dance. Smiling naturally at those who pass, embracing your comfort level. Knowing your purpose and importance.

Take time to whisper to yourself about your personal greatness. Know that all things bringing light to your world are a manifestation of your own creation. Practice positive thinking and celebrate humanity. Express good will toward man, woman and child. Connect with the impossible, disconnect from the irrational.

Vacation will bring you there. It pauses the race against time and allows you to gather your “stuff,” all the things that matter to you — and more importantly, to others. The stuff that puts the wind beneath your wings. The stuff that makes our culture flourish in good times and bad.

It is the good stuff, as the soul poet James Brown once called it, “that funky stuff.” We don’t all need to travel to faraway places for a vacation. Just do something different for a week or two. Take your mind, body and soul on a pilgrimage to serenity. It’s your time for peace. And remember: Nobody can take “yo stuff.”

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