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Shelly Berkley: Congresswoman makes her impact felt

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In Las Vegas, like all other communities, there is a running dialogue on those who “do” and others who “don’t.” Since it is part of our mission to spotlight those who truly impact the community in a positive way, we at Black Image Magazine are often thrust into the middle of this debate.

Shelley Berkley and participants of 2010 MLK Parade. Photo by CHARLES TUREAUD.


In Nevada’s African-American community, Rep. Shelley Berkley is among those routinely listed among the area’s most effective, respected and well-liked leaders. 

“As long as I can remember, Congresswoman Berkley has been there for me as a local business owner in the historic West Las Vegas area,” said Seven Seas restaurant owner Louis Conner. “I have talked to other business owners and they feel the same as I do. She is accessible and always willing to hear what is on my mind. She is a friend.”

Added longtime black community icon Sarann Knight Preddy: “Congresswoman Berkley is always there. When anything takes place in the community, she tries her best to be there, to know what is going on and to participate in any community celebrations. I think people take notice that she stays involved.”

Asked on Facebook why she admires Berkley, local resident Kathy Lattimore responded: “I admire Congresswoman Berkley because she’s a regular person and she seems to care about the well-being of everyone.” In this constituent’s eyes, part of Berkley’s success is her deep connection to concerns of everyday people. “I think she was a cocktail server before she went into politics,” said Lattimore. “I’ve always liked her.”

Rose McKinney-James, managing principal of McKinney-James & Associates/Energy Works Consulting, said she has known the legislator “for a very long time. Few elected officials have the commitment to stay connected the way Shelley does. She is eager to help whenever possible and makes a point of doing so year-round. She understands and is familiar with all of the major issues facing the African-American community and makes a point of providing support and giving voice to these issues at the federal level. Everyone knows how tirelessly she works for Nevada,  but it’s particularly good to know that she cares about the entire community.”

Discussing her work in Washington, D.C., and the relationships she maintains with the communities she represents back home, Berkley said listening closely and acting on specific concerns is all part of the job.

“I am privileged to have known — and worked alongside — some of the most dynamic leaders in Nevada’s African-American community,” said Berkley. “Growing up in Las Vegas, I witnessed the incredible contributions that these men and women made to our community over the decades and the barriers they broke to give people of all races new opportunities. This experience has helped to guide my work in Congress to promote equal rights and access for all to high-quality education, employment, health care, housing and other resources needed to pursue the American dream.”

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