Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Producer

Working to improve Nevada’s economy, State Sen. Aaron Ford is determined to bring Hollywood to the Silver State


State Sen. Aaron Ford with actor Nicolas Cage.

With the recent passage of SB 165, State Sen. Aaron Ford is excited about the prospect of luring more film and television production to Nevada. He was a driving force behind the legislation, which provides transferable tax credits for film and television makers who come to Nevada and make projects budgeted at $500,000 or more, and spend 60 percent of those production costs in Nevada.

The bill, said the first-term senator, will “assist in improving and diversifying Nevada’s economy. Nevada business owners … and union workers will benefit from this bill, as will the tourism industry. If you go to the theater and see a major film, at the end of the film the credits come on screen and all of the names listed get paid for working on that film. I want to see the credits run on another big film and see Nevada businesses, unions and industry listed.” He called the legislation “a win-win for all concerned.”

Several high-profile figures testified in favor of the legislation — including actor Nicolas Cage. The Academy Award-winner said he has “four scripts that could easily be shot in Nevada,” later adding: “I know investors around the world. I could give you names. Give me six months and I’ll give you a list of names of folks who would love to come to Nevada to make a movie.”

Although Ford has only been a senator for a short period of time, he has already amassed an enviable legislative record — having won passage for six of the seven bills he has proposed. That accomplishment can be largely attributed to his ability to reach across party lines.

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