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Black To Life… For A Healthier You

So you’re a first-time dad?

Here’s 21 things you need to know.


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For men, emotions can run wild when a significant other reveals she is carrying a child. Fatherhood begins the moment it is announced, ushering in a lifelong partnership that begins with the shared experience of a pregnancy. In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a list of fun tips on surviving the first nine-plus months of the rest of your life.

  • From the very moment she announces her pregnancy, she’ll be the center of attention. Not you. Get used to it.
  • When the baby comes, they’ll both be the center of attention — not you.  You should be glad you had nine months of going unnoticed.
  • You are about to make your mom and dad grandparents for the first time. Give them some time to get over the shock.
  • Agree with your wife always, as she might become indecisive.
  • Her sense of smell will be acute.
  • During the first week home from the hospital, you will learn to love frozen dinners and take-out meals.
  • You won’t faint from watching the birth of your baby—no one does.
  • Be careful about using the word, “we.”  For example, “We didn’t mind amniocentesis at all.”
  • There will be a time when you will be your child’s hero.
  • When she tells you it is time to call the doctor and go to the hospital, it is not a joke.
  • Listen politely when your mother pulls you aside and tells you that breastfeeding will ruin her breast,  babies only need to eat every four hours and that if you pick him up every time he cries he’ll never be independent and will be spoiled.
  • It’s perfectly normal to stare at a sleeping baby for hours.
  • Things you thought would make you sick — baby poop, baby pee, baby puke — won’t. Even if all of them are on your shirt at once.
  • Having sex while pregnant is a wonderful thing.
  • She’ll have the appetite of a truck driver — and for good reason.
  • If your wife wants an epidural during childbirth, go get the doctor. Don’t ask, “Are you sure?”
  • The delivery room is the only place where screaming and pushing can actually strengthen your relationship.
  • Sometime after the birth, you and your wife will go on a date. Midway through, you both will start missing the baby.
  • You don’t really have to be in the delivery room.
  • Within six months, you’ll resume some semblance of a sex life.
  • Of course it changes everything. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

For additional information, contact the Las Vegas All Women’s Care offices at (702) 522-9640. Or visit us at 700 Shadow Lane No. 165 (1st floor) in Las Vegas.

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