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Celebrate Easter with Spiritual Renewal

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As it is one of life’s greatest seasons for

growth, we welcome the coming of Easter. The weeks surrounding the holiday provide many opportunities for spiritual growth and renewal, and I would like to share some steps that will allow everyone to experience both over the next several weeks.

  • Take a Spiritual inventory. Before we can experience renewal and revival in our spiritual lives, we need to take an honest examination of our lives.

  • Get Alone with God for an Extended Period of Time. We live in a busy world, and sometimes we find it difficult to carve out time to really devote to our spiritual lives. I find that it is helpful to periodically carve out an entire day — or even just an afternoon — when I can get away from the hustle and bustle of life to simply concentrate on my own spiritual life.

  • Read the Gospels. One of my favorite things to do around Easter is to read through all four of the Gospels. My suggestion is to spend the next month thoroughly saturating yourself in the Gospels by reading one each week for the next month. Start in Matthew today and read straight through it. Next week concentrate on Mark, then Luke, then John. This will help to keep you focused on Christ.

  • Connect. Getting someone to visit church for the first time is the really easy part. But once you go, take on the responsibility of connecting to the church. The simple truth is that unless people connect to other members of the church within the first few days after their first visit, they are unlikely to return.

Easter is always a time of spiritual intensity and sensitivity — a good time to concentrate my efforts on spiritual renewal. May this Easter season be the best for you and your family!

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