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HEALTHIER YOU: Guarding Against Infections

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Celebrations of love aren’t the only thing we set aside time to think about in February. It is also International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month.

While we all love to feel love, pregnant women should take extra caution when engaging in sexual activity. It is the couple’s responsibility to protect their unborn or newborn baby from infections. Unborn babies and expectant mothers often have vulnerable immune systems, so it is important to practice behaviors that will prevent infections.

Pregnant moms already face seesawing emotions, relentless cravings, and twinges and kicks in their bellies. It seems that there is always something to be concerned about, leaving moms-to-be with too little time for relaxation.

But it is better to be prepared, and February is the perfect time to become more aware of what’s out there, and take simple steps to guard against infections.

There are some ways that can help protect you and an unborn baby from infections that include untreated urinary tract infections; Group B streptococcus; Toxoplasmosis; CMV (Cytomegalovirus). You can start by washing your hands after:

– Using the bathroom

– Changing diapers

– Caring for or playing with young children

– Touching raw meat, raw eggs and unwashed vegetables

– Gardening or handling soil

– Handling pets

– Being around sick people

If soap and running water aren’t available, you can substitute an alcohol-based hand gel. Some other practices to implement to avoid infections include:

– Clean surfaces

– Do not share forks, cups, food, toothbrushes and your other children’s pacifiers.

– Follow cooking instructions/Cook meat well done.

– Skip packaged salads and sprouts

– Avoid unpasteurized milk

– Stay away from sick people

Living a healthy life for you and baby is a conscious activity. You can avoid the ills that can hurt expectant mothers and unborn children.

For additional information, contact the Las Vegas All Women’s Care offices at (702) 522- 9640. Or visit us at 700 Shadow Lane No. 165 (1st floor) in Las Vegas.

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