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Color me America.

I wake up each morning to news from our circus-like presidential campaign, the latest from a roadshow of clowns and carnival barkers musing on what will make America great again.

America has always been a great place as I see it, with an ever growing determination to enhance its riches.

Many embrace America that as a land of opportunity for everyone, people of different nationalities, hues, and beliefs. The original founders of this land were people of color, on whose renamed land we stand today.

America is a melting pot of people who contribute each day to make it great. America’s greatness didn’t begin until the words of inclusiveness became a working reality. Not for all at once, but on a steady path to justice. For many of us, America is all we have known since our ancestors were brought here against their will.

Nonetheless, America should be admired for its progress, melting into a gumbo of people from around the world who have weaved their talents, passions, and blessings into the tapestry of our lives. Racial and income inequality persists, but we must continue exposing and correcting injustice wherever we find it.

It has been paid forward over and over again and some who try to separate the blood relationship of America from African-Americans are lost with no conscious intellect. Yes, we are America, and grasping its opportunities and treasures is our birthright.

The red, white, and blue of our flag is a symbol of America’s diversity. So, it brings peace to say, “Color me America.”

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