Thursday, May 23, 2024

Thank You, Mr. President

After two historic, remarkably successful terms in the White House — lifting the nation out of recession, cutting unemployment, giving healthcare to the uninsured, restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, and so much more —

President Barack Obama

is preparing to leave the Oval Office more than eight years after he graced the very first cover of Las Vegas Black Image.

People in our city and beyond are expressing gratitude to the First Family for the grace and integrity they showed in the face of racial adversity and unrelenting opposition. We asked readers to share what they would like to say to the commander- in-chief in the twilight of his historic presidency.

Shelia Henderson Glenn

President Obama, you have been the most gracious, coolest, intelligent, and charismatic President. I doubt if we will see another like you in our lifetime. To be the first African-American in anything in this country comes with so many challenges and obstacles — but the Universe, God could not have chosen a better human being. Thank you for allowing this to be your destiny.

Angel Brock

Dear President Obama,
As I write this, I want to first say, “Thank you.” You did your best despite the obstruction and criticism. I commend you for handling the hatred, disrespect and racism with such grace. As your tenure comes to an end, I pray for peace for you and your family. Also, know that you did your best — even though some did not care to acknowledge that you did try to look out for all Americans.

Thank you for everything you did and attempted to do. Thank you for allowing our children to see you as a strong, classy and intelligent man who empathized with those who didn’t empathize with you. I do not know where you go from here, but I wish you the best. God bless you and your family. Job well done, sir.

Army Veteran, nurse, and single mother.

Gregg Austin

President Barack Obama and family

Thank you for being a President whose accomplishments we as Americans could all be proud of.

Patricia Garrett

We thank God for President Obama — a man of great wisdom who served our country well. His legacy will always be remembered. President Obama, you touched our hearts. We pray God continues to bless you and your family.

Delisa Macklin

Thank you, Mr. President. You and your family have been a blessing to America.

Hami Hamilton

President Obama, you will be missed.

Cassandra Lewis

Thank you for all that you’ve done and what you attempted to do. You worked with what you had and made the best of it. Thank you for loving your family. Thank you for loving the nation and giving eight years of your life to try and ensure that each and every one would have a better quality of life. Thank you, President Obama, just for being you!

Alexi Wilson Sr.

Thanks for all you could do in the face of more backlash than most Presidents get. Have a great future. God Bless.

Lynn Jones

Thank you sir for making history. You are incredible, awesome, and you rock. Thanks for no drama in the White House. You and your family set a great example for America. Your cool, collected calm made all of us proud. You got SWAG. God knew you would be President before you were born.

Lakisha Swift

First Lady Michelle Obama

President Obama, I am grateful for the tone you set for the world. Your elegance and strength inspires me. Peace and blessings be with you and your family. I thank you for your service to America and the world. Namaste.

Kevin Quick-Smith

Come back.

Harlem Rucker

You are exceptional.

Nathaniel Carter

The people who talked about you in a bad way will miss you — our President Obama. Peace.

Simone Davis

President Obama, please stay. Can you run for President again? I surely am going to miss the dignity and respect in the White House.

Robin Favor Mason

Mr. President, thank you for your service. Now that you have sacrificed your time, energy, passion, and entire life for us, now it’s your time. Love on Michelle and spend quality time with her without interference and interruption. Enjoy Malia and Sasha as become beautiful young women. And last but not least — do you! It’s your season to rest and enjoy.

Tasha Robinson-White

President Obama, because of you my son, KJ, believes he can become President of the United States one day. You and your family opened doors, minds, and hearts. This is what the First Family should represent. Great job, and we will meet again.

Keya Jones

You are the best President ever. President Obama, someone like you comes along once in a lifetime. You turned this country around from the brink of collapse and mass poverty and starvation. Thank you for reducing mandatory minimums for nonviolent drug offenders and releasing many black men on pardons and much more.

Sheila Collins

President Obama, what’s next in your fight for social justice and change — and how do we remain engaged after you leave the White House?

Teresa Paxton

They said that we wouldn’t make it this far. But, here we stand — here we are! It’s time for a change.

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