Saturday, June 22, 2024

PEACE: Know Your Worth

Life takes on us many trips. And some of those journeys put obstacles in our path that can leave us insecure and questioning our worth — even when we’re excelling.

Be mindful of those challenges. It may take creativity to get past them — but most things work out for the best, even if we have to take them in a different direction. It is important that your self-worth is grounded in your own ideals, not in the trials that life brings your way.

Integrity, honesty, and compassion define who you are. You will make mistakes, but there is always a new day to make amends.

The world is wonderful, and we are blessed to be here. You are worthy of all the blessings God wants to bestow, so don’t lose focus on what we should all hold dear — the wondrous things that affirm our existence. The beautiful days and mesmerizing nights. The bloom of the flowers and the smiles from a child. The grace of love from our elders, the wisdom from our mothers, the proud protective spirit from our fathers.

These treasures show you’re more than worthy. You are chosen to live the blessings of each day, and peace is within the treasure you are.

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