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You are your own peace

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Others’ lack of confidence will lead them to bring you down when your greatness is realized. It can be associates, friends and even family members who will try to negatively affect you because your iconic greatness is uncovered. Yes: the biggest threat is when you come to know and control your own magnificence.

Your realization and fearlessness comes with creating a positive life path. A path that others marvel at — because their lives are not their own, nestled in resentment. The time comes when you reach the pinnacle of self-discovery — hold fast because forces that have built their security on manufactured untruths of you will come calling louder and faster. It is sad to say that many weak people need your failures to feel justified in the world. But once you are clear and understand where this contaminated spirit comes from, your peace inside has a window to be released.

The peace you have inside your heart validates your journey — and don’t let anyone turn you around. Peace is the birthplace for your happiness. You can just hold tight to it, and it will ride you toward open seas of success. The isolation of that peace is one that can’t be distorted by wicked definitions of who you are. Time will show your gifts to the world and an honest humanity will find its home with you. Yes — peace within is the greatest gift that no one can take away.

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