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Our ship of state is taking on water

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Louie Overstreet

Sound the alarm: “Women and children first — and every man for himself!”

If Donald Trump’s government is a ship, it has been hit by seven of its own torpedoes: moral lapses, unethical behavior, staff turnover, incompetence, the greed of lavish spending, guilty pleas by five (and counting) associates and most regrettably appointing a known bigot to his administration. It has resulted in our ship of state taking on so much water, that it may very well make the sinking of the Titanic look like a warm-up disaster.

Torpedo 1. Who would have ever imagined that a sitting President of the United States would be sued by an adult film actress? By the time this is published, the public may know whether POTUS will costar in “Wig Weathers the Stormy.”

Torpedo 2. Trump’s unethical business conduct has carried over to the White House — as has that of his daughter and son-in-law, who are also under investigation their business dealings.

Torpedo 3. As of the beginning of March, 43% of Trump’s initial appointments have “jumped ship” at the risk of drowning, since the lifeboats are already filled with women and children.

Torpedo 4. Incompetent responses to natural disasters.

Torpedo 5. Lavish spending on the use of government jets and office remodeling — by no less than six cabinet members — has resulted in damaging negative publicity that uncovers a significant level of greed.

Torpedo 6. The number of Trump associates entering the federal courthouse in D.C. makes the line for federal pardons grow longer by the week.

Torpedo 7. The disturbing appointment was Jefferson Beauregard Sessions as Attorney General. Old Beauregard was too bigoted to be appointed as a federal judge two decades ago, but was deemed qualified by his fellow senators to serve as Attorney General of the United States.

The indignity of these spectacles keeps Americans divided — and is topped by the fact that America’s standing as the world’s unquestioned virtuous leader has been totally eroded. All that remains is a sinking ship of fools that was once our proud ship of state.

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