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What is your favorite childhood memory of your mother?

What is your favorite childhood memory of your mother?

Yvonne Lewis My mom was a Trauma/Emergency Room Nurse at UMC when it used to be Southern Memorial Hospital. I remember she would send me to pick up her check. This must have been like 1981 — before direct deposit. She trusted me in two ways. To go to one of her jobs and act right and to bring her check home. My mom’s name is Grace Henderson.

Vicki Fluellen-Alexander My favorite memory of my mother was when we were little girls, she made our Christmas time so very special — she would set out our little table set, with our dolls and dishes along with candy, nuts, and fruits. She made our home festive. Those were the best times.

Tonya Fortson We learned at an early age that we had to share her with others. My mom was always sharing her time, her heart, and our home with others — especially kids and those in need. She gave her all when she was teaching, working in her community and church, and supporting her family — which she continues to do today.

Robbin Purvis My mother was very giving of her time to reaching out with an extended hand — not only to her church, community and friends, but to her family. My fondest memory is when mom took me to the circus in Baltimore. We had a really good time together. This is my absolute favorite photo of my mom.

Renee Chatman I remember when my father was in Vietnam, my mom was working, raising five girls, and building our first family home from the ground up! It was my first memory and realization that my mom is a Superwoman! Even at 83, she’s still going strong. Love my mom!

Quinsonya Smith One of my favorite memories of my mom was when it was my mom’s payday she would go and get hushpuppies for us and we would do a puzzle together. My mom was a single mother of 3 that worked two jobs to provide for us and I thank her for that. Love you Pat Knox!

Patricia LW Snowden My fondest memory was in April. April 1st through the end of April we would party. Mother’s birthday is April 18 and then she gave birth to me April 12. Let the parties begin.

Norman Erik Pullen Since I was the youngest and only male child, my mom and I would sometimes drive around town finding garage sales. We did that while my older sisters were at my grandmother’s house.

Myrtle Colemam My mother, Ms. Ida Mae Coleman was the best mother in the world. When I was 4 year of age I would stand in a chair and sing in my dad’s choir. The gospel song, “The Blood That Jesus Shed for Me,” was the first song my mother taught me. She was amazing and could play the piano and the organ. She was also the first black hairdresser and the first black teacher for Vo Tech High School. She was an amazing musical leader for her husband’s church, Second Baptist Church, and the list goes on about my mother and her love.

Monica Ford My birth mother and stepmother have given me fond memories. They are true examples of Corinthians love. I was blessed twice with amazing, supportive, nurturing women who molded me into who I am today.

Louie Overstreet My fondest memory is of her kindness to everyone.

Lola C. Bradley My favorite memory of my mother is when we would go to my aunt’s house when they had card parties and listen to music.

LaVona Lewis My fondest memory of my mother when I was a child was laying on the floor with her, coloring. I absolutely loved how beautiful she would trace the pictures first then softly fill them in with color. I would practice and practice hoping to be as good as she was.

Kimberly Harrison My mother always had a passion to feed the less fortunate then moved on to feed the women and children for Christmas from 2003-2015. My mother is amazing.

Kimberly E. Bailey One of my favorite memories of my mother was when my mom made my senior prom dress. I had her make so many changes that I KNOW it took God’s grace to keep her from screaming! However, she made that dress so beautiful and I was very pleased with the results. Thanks mom! I’ll never forget all the things you’ve done for me. I wonder if she will consider making my wedding dress?

Iris Brumfield I have so many wonderful memories with my mother — but the best one I can remember of my childhood was that I was always happy. We always had food, I always had clothes, and a roof over my head. I didn’t realize how poor we were until I was grown. My mom did a great job as a single parent and she always had positive affirmations for me every day. Love her to death.

Kathy Lattimore My favorite memory of my mom is how she always spent time with me and my siblings. She never sent us to church, she took us. We always laughed and played games. She gave us a kiss every night and she’s still that way at 81 years old.

Gail Anderson I remember when my mother would take me, my grandmother, and my godsister to Sambo’s restaurant for coffee and desserts.

Felecia Gaines One of my fondest childhood memories was sitting in the kitchen talking with my mother and watching her cook Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for the family.

Edy Agee I remember crawling up into her bed just to be in her presence.

Dr. Tiffany Tyler I remember picking Sunday dresses together.

Dottie Davis I remember watching my mom bake pound cakes from scratch that would melt in your mouth.

Demetrice Nixon I remember going fishing with my Mommy! Those were the days where she would just take me away to the marina in Ventura with a packed lunch of egg sandwiches, chips and juice. We would just talk, laugh and fish for hours! I love my Mommy!

Dani Corley I remember hearing her sing anywhere. It always made me cry. Happy and sad tears. I still love the sound of her singing to this very day. She even kind of sings when she talks. My favorite thing about my Mommy will always be her voice.

Danette Moreland I remember waking up to my mom’s breakfast in the morning. She taught me how to cook in the kitchen while preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

Crystal Nicole Pullen My mother’s entire existence is my favorite and always will be…RIP FOREVER MOM.

Chris Holliday My favorite memory of my mother was staying up late doing tie-dye shirts for picture day when I was in kindergarten. She is definitely one of the reasons I love crafts today.

Cheryl Hall McElroy Mother Betty Collins Stanton: 8/5/26- 11/25/2017 R.I.H. mom. We miss you greatly.

Char Burns-Logan Oh wow! I have so many memories of my mother. But one that really stands out was that she would make sure my siblings and I had a hot, homecooked breakfast every morning before sending us off to school.

Carol Bolden Peterson One of my favorite memories was watching my mother prepare her first-grade classroom each August at JE Manch Elementary School. She taught in Clark County for 30+ years.

Aaliyah Ratliff My favorite memory of my mom is when she dressed up my friends, herself and me as Lisa & The Cult Jam musical group. We would put on a talent show for my little brothers and my dad. She has always been so much fun. I love her.

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