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PEACE: Unmoved by disloyalty

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Each day is a blessing. The beginning of spring reminds us of all the wonders of the world. Nature shows that not one thing is identical and all has a unique color, design or growth to it. 

However, certain things occur in life that cause us to ask, “Where is the loyalty?” Your response to disloyal people and things is up to you. If those silently against you know that your world might be rocked by their disloyal actions, then they will come like moths to a flame.

Time is your friend and you can use it at your own discretion. Many times, emotions make us move in a direction of fury. Hold still and remember how you wish to use your time and all the wonderful things you want to accomplish in your day, month, year and seconds. Negativity has no place. Light will bring light.

You are the image of the most high. Honoring His grace is to honor yourself and remember how super wonderful you are. Look into the reflection of yourself in the mirror, and remind yourself of your eternal beauty and refined intelligence. The only person that defines is yourself — mind, body and spirit.

Those who choose to be disloyal to you are mere pebbles in the sand. Yes, there are many and they will only stay still behind your footsteps toward self-defined greatness. Bye-bye, as the waves of time washes them away. Your clear path is a testimony and celebration for the real and wonderful journey that is meant for you.

Stay focused on your dreams and daily accomplishments, and the rewards will be bountiful. Our movement is so rhythmic and determined. Nothing can stop that drumbeat toward peace nurtured in divine love.

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