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PEACE: Go toward the light

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Light is a metaphor for many things in life. Some liken its warmth to the warmth of love. It can represent positivity that brings about the good things and the light from one’s smile. But, unfortunately, darkness still finds us — either by way of circumstance, or cloaked in disguises that usher negativity into our lives.

But all is not lost. The guidance from one’s heart is God’s flashlight to help us find solid ground — an unshakable foundation that holds us up when others try to tear us down.

It can be shocking to discover those thieves in the night who seek to steal joy from our hearts and minds. But peace can be found when the closed heart is identified, because it is engulfed in darkness unwilling to allow the light of blessings to enter. It is important to know those with closed hearts — because their own weariness might try to transfer and block the light you deserve.

The light you embrace is necessary for you to grow and flourish. It is there to bring golden sunshine that glistens, and catches the stars nestled in the night. You must first breathe the light you want from within, in order to build your personal shield of protection.

Yes, gravitate toward the light. Remember it is always within, giving you discernment and grace. Find a way to feed your light with positivity and those things that make your soul smile. Peace will be found in your light — and it will spread toward those who have open hearts and welcome your shine.

Stay focused on your dreams and daily accomplishments, and the rewards will be bountiful. Our movement is so rhythmic and determined. Nothing can stop that drumbeat toward peace nurtured in divine love.

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