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50 Shades Of Black: A Fictitious Exotic Journey For “The Best Part”

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Who is she?

The sight of a mysterious woman throws Zena’s feelings into doubt.

Zena’s mind is racing.

These past few days have been electric. I really need to stare into this mirror and make sure I’m not dreaming. How can one man seem to be all things? Well, time is short — and I am going to go with it. I deserve it.

Zena walks out of her apartment, hoping to get to work early on a beautiful day. She seems to notice everything around her as she drives into snarled traffic. Unbothered by the delays, she turns up her car stereo system to sing along with the Ella Mai jams on Pandora.

Finally, off the freeway. I am going to take this shortcut to the office. It will be nice to get there before everyone else. The office will be quiet, so I can get my head together and organize my projects. I wonder if Maximus is there yet.

As Zena pulls around the corner three blocks from the office, she glances over at people sitting outside at a coffee shop. To her surprise, she sees Maximus sitting outside having coffee with a beautiful woman — who is flipping her hair and laughing while enjoying the conversation.

Okay, I think that is him. Yeah, that’s him. I don’t want him to see me. I don’t want him to think I am spying on him. But who the f— is he with? See, I knew it. Well, it’s not like he is my husband, but he is my MAN! Yeah, I got to turn around and go around the block again and see what’s happening.

Zena circles around the block again to see if Maximus is still at the coffee shop with this unidentified woman.

Where did they go? Let me look in the parking lot. What is he doing?

She sees Maximus walking the lady to her car. He opens the car door for his friend, then leans in seemly continuing to have a final conversation while Zena looks on from a distance.

This is crazy. She can be anyone. Maybe a client? Well, I just don’t like the vibe I am feeling. But, I have to play it cool. But damn — I want to know who she is. Maybe he will tell me before I ever ask him. He better tell me.

Zena opens her office door and quickly closes it. She put her things up and sits at her desk to begin her work — and to try to take her mind off Maximus. But her curiosity gets the best of her and she texts him.

Where you at? I came to work early, I have so much to get done. Hope you are having a great morning!

Zena is stunned that she doesn’t receive a text back from Maximus. She throws her cell phone into a drawer so she is undisturbed by the time that passes. And she continues to type with lightning speed on her computer.

By the end of the workday, she makes an oath to throw Maximus out of her mind and slow down her emotions for him. Zena starts thinking about her past relationships and anyone that will take her mind and her heart off Maximus.

I wonder what Brian is doing these days? Yeah, I can’t trip. I got too much going on anyway for a serious relationship. I got to keep all eyes on me. Please, he doesn’t know who I really am. Besides, that girl looked twice his age. I am going to take a bath, light my candles and put on Netflix tonight.

It’s 10:30 p.m. and Zena has slipped into a deep sleep. She is awakened by her ringing phone.

Hello? Hello, I can’t hear you. Oh, hi Maximus. I was sleeping. No, its okay, I need to get up anyway, and turn off all the lights in my house. Where are you?

Maximus reluctantly responds, “Right now I am here with you on the phone. We are sharing intimate mental space. Space in time. I want to see you.

Rolling her eyes, Zena responds: “Oh really? Well, it is late and I am trying to get to work early—and I might go by to get coffee before I go into the office.

Maximus changes his tone: “Baby, you sleep well. I understand and will text you later.”

“Alright — what are you …”

Maximus hangs up, and Zena immediately begins second-guessing whether she should have made herself available to him tonight. She leans back into her bed covers and says out loud:

“I want to know who that woman was.”

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