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PEACE: Personality feeds the soul

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Once, while I was listening to Oprah Winfrey, she dispensed one of the nuggets of wisdom that has placed her among the iconic voices of our time: “Use your personality to feed your soul.”

It is sage advice on how to connect to our true destiny. In our day-to-day search for meaning and direction toward success in those areas that we are passionate about, we sometimes forget about the gifts that have been refined throughout our life journey. Indeed, they shape the person we are today. Our lives are being constantly reshaped by experiences — and our personalities are enlightened and direct the path to reconnecting with our souls.

The key is to stay awakened to shifts that serve as direction and food for your soul. This is your yellow brick road toward a purposeful life — one that connects to humanity and the good in yourself and others. Your universal presence will be led with intention.

We must wake up each day with good intentions and love — always approaching life from a position of gratitude. Being open, not judgmental, as we embrace thankfulness for the opportunity to live another day. Peace is there, blanketed in love.

Each day is yours. Put the good of your personality to work and allow it to guide you toward the magnificence of your full potential. You can use your smile, heart, and mind to create what feels good in your soul. Your lifetime is a school that equips you with discernment to always maintain positivity.

“You are the master of your faith and the captain of your soul” — so choose wisely and never forget that you had the power all along. Use it!

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