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HEALTH IS THE NEW HAPPY! A Life with Balance

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A Life with Balance


Tiffany McNeely

Did you know that your dedication to healthy habits and living will create more productivity at work? This is great news!

I remember a time when I would resort to drinking after work to unwind. We all do it. I just realized that a glass of wine turned into a bottle of wine and I wasn’t feeling so great during the week. My cravings for fast food and junk became a norm in my busy life. I wanted to sleep in more than I wanted to get up to work out. I found that my focus shifted from being goal-oriented to just wanting to hang out all the time.

I am not saying that having a drink is bad or that you should stop. What I am suggesting is balance. Once I found balance again, my life seemed to flow with ease. It’s also important to focus on your body’s needs and listening when your body speaks. One habit leads to another habit — whether it’s healthy or not.

So being able to identify when you’re starting to go down the wrong path is vital to keep you from straying off the plan. Additionally, support is important. You have to look at your life and set it up with support systems in place to set you up for success.

A healthy lifestyle is not just eating properly and working out. It means getting enough sleep, eating foods to supply your body with nutrients that can elevate your mind and uplift your spirit, enjoying leisure, engaging in physical exercise that is invigorating, and developing social networks that are beneficial and promote positive growth.

  • Keep your routine even when you do not want to. If I did something that would affect me going to work out or change my eating habits, I stayed disciplined and still followed my routine. No giving in to exchanging good habits for bad habits
  • Work out daily to fight depression and to keep your sanity.
  • Change your social capital. This is the network of people you are associated with. Birds of a feather flock together! You are the company you keep.
  • Give your body time to reboot and recharge. Rest!
  • Free your mind and read! Reading is a great way to promote self-development.
  • A glass of wine is better than a bottle of wine!

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