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PEACE: Living the Simple Life

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People and situations often seem very complicated or give the impression of complexities that lack truth. Remember: you have the power to interpret and dissect the complications in life and simplify them for adequate mental digestion.

We are conditioned to always make others feel valid, greater than, intelligent, and justified — because some feel safer when being led. The cry is often loud, “What is my assignment?” But it can fall on deaf ears, because God has already given you a life to experience and uphold His masterpiece. Each day can bring certainty through emotional connectivity with the spiritual plane. Absolution is His gift.

So break it down. Yes, life is really a 1-2-3 process on the daily, according to priorities that give you peace. If you can accomplish the 1-2-3s of your life to reach the goals of your soul, then “enough” is the answer.

The simplified life will serve as a shield of protection against infiltrators trying to derail your journey. You only have one job each day — to fulfill the 1-2-3s of your daily life, according to your priorities.

Remember to always feed your soul, which generates the smiles others enjoy. Love is always the ingredient controlling the momentum in reaching your accomplishments. Make your journey a wonderful, blissful one — then trust and believe you will still arrive safely at your destination.

Consistent forward movement —be it physical, mental, or spiritual — will take you there. Prepare for peace and serenity upon arrival.

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