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BLACK TO LIFE – For A Healthier You: Love heals

By Dr. Annette Mayes During the holidays, we spend considerable time and energy finding the perfect gifts for loved ones. In this season, especially, it is also important to remember that the almighty power of love is the gift that soothes the soul. In some cases, it can even save a life. We should never […]

Boyd Law School student speaks on career and good health

With headlines too often dominated by the failing economy, ongoing wars and the plight of the disadvantaged, some in the younger generation are establishing new hopes and dreams by preparing to tackle the competitive world.

BLACK TO LIFE – Don’t ignore the pain: Black women and fibroid tumors

We all have hectic times in our lives, but it is sometimes essential to slow down and ask, “What have I done for myself today?”

Photographer captures black families at the dinner table

Photographer Felina owns Flossy Flicks, and can be found on Facebook under “Felina B. Flossin.”

BLACK TO LIFE – Age is more than a number: Young women can get breast cancer

There are many young women who believe they are not susceptible to breast cancer. This may be true for some, but there are a number of factors that might dictate further examination and investigation.

Dr. Terry Akers has your back!

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In practice as a Las Vegas chiropractor for 15 years, Dr. Terry Akers offers Las Vegas Black Image Magazine readers a series of tips to alleviate common aches and pains.   It is important to maintain good posture while at your place of work. It is vital to know how to properly position the body […]

Black to Life…FOR A HEALTHIER YOU – Summer Health

Summer is here, and many of us are so busy with day-to-day responsibilities that we are overlooking personal health. by DR. ANNETTE MAYES

Black to Life…Healthy mothers-to-be

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month, I want to put a special focus on the health of mothers-to-be. Please keep in mind that these tips work together with regular gynecologist visits throughout your pregnancy.

Black to Life… For a Healthier You – A Healthier You Calendar

It’s a new year! But is it a new you?

Our mothers, grandmothers and other elders have often instructed us, “If it is broke, fix it, so that you can have a long life.” This is well-meaning advice, but we really don’t want to wait until something breaks to send us hurrying to the doctor’s office, desperate for repairs.

Black to Life…for a healthier you – Infertility and the African-American family

In an interview with Black Image, [Dr. Eva Littman of Red Rock Fertility Center Las Vegas] answered questions about infertility, its effects on African-American families and how a growing number of black women are choosing to become mothers before finding their desired mates.

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