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What are we really doing when we inhale and exhale? Are we just holding our breath as we go through our individual journeys?
It has become very apparent to me that during our daily movement, peace can be found in breathing. We have all heard the phrase, “Are you taking it all in?” as you gleam at a beautiful sunset or painting. Breathing is so unassuming and can bring all beautiful things inside, and exhaling can release all unwanted images, stresses and negative fears.
I will pause now to breathe, and you do the same. Now, in the silence of your breath, capture a wonderful peaceful thought, image or a Barry White tune that gives you a flashback of rhythmic sensations.  Terry McMillan introduced sistas to the process of “Waiting to Exhale” with her fabulous narrative of being triumphant in finding real “young” love.  Even though that young love turned out to be a bro’ love, Terry caught her breath and continues on her path while breathing.
We all like to “people-watch,” and that is a wonderful exercise of taking it all in.  As you sit quietly inhaling and watching others, things, and nature and really seeing and noticing the little things, your breathing slows down to a whisper and sits beside peace.
Our bodies and the world are all about taking things in and letting things out.  When we are at war with this universal dance, we put our health, our lives and our success in jeopardy. Stephanie Mills once sang, “Is it still good to ya?”
Needless to say, all things that feel good might not be good for you. Keeping that in perspective, if what we inhale or take in makes us laugh, sing and or move progressively toward peaceful gratification, then it’s all good. The fast pace of our society and corporate America seems to be structured to program us to miss some of the real life moments which can contribute to helping us find the peace we are searching for.
I am not identifying this as an excuse, but labeling it as a potential block that we must work around and breathe.  Take that lunch break and take a walk around the building while breathing in and letting out what you would like to release.
Take in all that our forefathers and mothers have done for you to bring you to this special place of life. Holding on to the fact that the Lord selected you as his child to hold up when your footsteps falter. And knowing that you are a unique individual who contributes to the Earth’s rotation, and without your presence, the Earth will stop.
You are great and the air we need to breathe.

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