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The evolution of Halle Berry

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Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s name is one we hear on a regular basis either by Hollywood affiliates or by the teasing mouths of our significant others. Playing tit for tat with our better halves also can be mind-boggling when we bring up Denzel Washington to offset the celebrity comparison. For some unknown reason, a beauty barometer placed with Halle Berry’s name on it has been etched on the minds of some men when describing, “How fine of a woman she is.”

The celebration of Halle, however, is much more than surface, as her physical beauty has been transcended by her mind, spirit and worldly achievements. Most recently, Halle has identified herself as an entrepreneur with the debut of her perfume called Halle, and she also is in the planning stages of a movie about convicted jewelry thief Doris Payne, who was arrested for stealing jewelry from local department stores. This project is set to take place in Las Vegas. 

Halle is one of today’s top celebrity actresses who embraces challenges and new ventures with open arms.  Those arms recently welcomed the birth of her daughter, Nahla Ariela, with French-Canadian supermodel boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

She stands as a role model for all women seeking to succeed in career, life and family. Her accomplishments are massive. With early beginnings in Spike Lee’s feature film ‘‘Jungle Fever,’’ to ‘‘Introducing Dorothy Dandridge’’ and Academy Award-winning ‘‘Monster’s Ball,’’ we have all been part of her journey. Young African-American women are greatly influenced by Halle’s accomplishments, which she has achieved through determination and hard work. An example of Halle’s perseverance and hard work was demonstrated in her dual roles as lead actress and executive producer of “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.”   Indeed, the legacy of Halle’s artistic contributions will be one that our children’s children will reflect on as we have with other African-American artists of our past.

Halle’s life as a successful actress, producer, spokeswoman and now new mother, shadows the adversities that she has overcome. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1989, Halle manages the disease with a proper diet and prescribed medication. Her personal relationships also have been topics of discussion. Needless to say, she defines a loving relationship in her own way. Always pushing forward to higher levels of excellence, Halle recently was recognized as the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine. 

As a recent host of the 40th Annual NAACP Image Awards and at the Essence Awards, the diversity of Halle’s career achievements give examples of what can be accomplished with persistence and using your mental capacity.

From one-time high school student body president to renowned actress known around the world, Halle continues to leave no stone unturned. Our parents and their parents before them have all passed the verbal torch to, “work hard and you can achieve what you want.” Nonetheless, it is not so easily had or handed to you, but examples of successes such as Halle’s give us a mirror of ourselves!


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